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Development process
A spirit of enterprise:

Responsibility, innovation, win-win

    Responsibility: pay attention to social responsibility, the customer is responsible for the staff responsible for, and being a responsible corporate. Responsibility Huaan beliefs.

    Innovation: the ongoing business innovation, management innovation and system innovation, maintain enterprise exuberant vitality. Innovation is the the Huaan soul.

    A win-win situation: with partners to develop and progress together, sharing the fruits of development. A win-win situation is the the Huaan character.

Second, the corporate vision:

, Give priority to trade and do win Industries, involved in investment to build enterprise groups and trade integration.

Third, the corporate mission:

Enhance their overall strength, enhance employee happiness index.

Four core values​​:

Integrity, open, robust, harmonious

V. business management philosophy:

Team-oriented operation, international operations;

    Service and honesty, quality, refinement

Sixth, the quality objectives:

Full participation, scientific management.

Seven, commitment to quality:

Product quality to ensure compliance with the standards of the contract, such as the occurrence of a substandard product, give the necessary compensation for the loss of customers; service quality assurance to meet the requirements of the contract, such as a major failed to give the necessary compensation for the loss of a customer; service commitment: For customer information feedback given seriously, respond promptly and actively.
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